May 5, 2017


What is Tacfit?

TACFIT® redefines fitness to “be more prepared than the challenges you face” – to remain in flow regardless of the crises. TACFIT® considers everyone who must respond to crises to be an athlete. However, unlike in sports, in a crisis we do not know the “game” we will be “playing.” Unlike in the military, we often don’t know the rules of engagement, or when we will be called to task.
What is Tacfit commando?

TACFIT Commando is based on actual programs “Flow Coach” Scott Sonnon is using right now to train Israeli counter-terrorism, SEALs and secret service, American special ops personnel, bodyguards to the Italian Prime Minister, US federal agents, firemen, law enforcement agencies and MMA fighters.
The Tacfit Commando application which was formulated by martial arts expert and trainer, Scott Sonnon isn’t your normal fitness plan. It carries a completely distinct goal, other than most of the programs we know. This goal is to teach the body to recover under stress and to be able to move in any way that a situation might dictate. This is the basis of a functional fitness regime.

What is the difference between Tacfit and Crossfit?

‘Often asked the question on the difference between Crossfit and TACFIT, I reply that they’re apples and oranges, but both fruits of labor. You have to work at either of them to get results.

Crossfit focuses upon the power output gained from randomly selected functional exercises performed at high intensity. TACFIT concentrates on rapidly recovering from exercises specific to the tactical challenges of high intensity.

The two modalities can complement each other, if we look beyond the marketplace,and realize that we are given this opportunity as a privilege to share with others. Unfortunately, we often believe that either we must dabble in all ways, or we must negate others. You can enjoy your way without others being “wrong and bad.”’