What is Dragon Fitness? What’s up with the Dragon?

Dragon Fitness is a representation of a training ethic and morality that is fundamental to its founders. With a common goal and value set in mind, Dragon Fitness aims to improve the well being & healthy condition of all its members. Using physical modalities and tools that are essential to vitality and good health, we promote not only a healthy physical body, but a balanced and healthy mental state as well.

Now what are the representative training methods that we are referring to? Ultimately, it’s any physical regiment that promotes longevity and vitality with a positive mindset in place. If we believe that a certain regiment promotes those values and we recognize that in our members, then we look to incorporate it into our facility. Our members can then choose which of those resonates with them and aligns with their goals and achievements to train in a manner that suits them best.

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Our approach is holistic. Firstly, if the mindset is correct, then the body will follow its command and adapt to that which it is required to. We promote skills and techniques that allow for a positive mental attitude. Thereafter, we promote training regiments & movements that represent efficiency of movement (in the sense that we wish to maximise output with the safest level of given input) that is adaptable to any skill level so that it is approachable to beginners and advanced athletes as well, benefiting either one. Functionality in movement is also an important aspect as that aligns with our goal of vitality & longevity. And ultimately, if all the aforementioned is in place, the body adapts and forms itself to the aesthetics so many of us desire. The difference here is that it is a result of the prior steps and not an end goal. This way, it becomes sustainable and the body not only looks good but operates at it’s optimal level.

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The ‘Dragon’ in Dragon Fitness represents that aspect of ourselves which is all powerful, strong willed, courageous, and deep seated in our very being. It represents the warrior spirit that fires up when the time calls and we face the challenge ahead.

Dragons have been represented in various cultures around the world and throughout history. Although they may look slightly different from culture to culture throughout history, they share one commonality throughout. Whether the dragon is feared or welcomed, it always garners and earns the respect. And respect is a critical element to anyone’s degree of success in any modality they undertake. When there is respect for one’s self, then that is the first step towards developing the right mental attitude for a long and healthy lifestyle. With respect & recognition towards one’s inner warrior, their inner dragon of mythological proportions, one can then embark on a journey of self improvement.

Dragon Fitness’ ethos is founded on the principle of the warrior dragon in all of us, and to encourage everyone to embark on a journey that recognizes and awakens the warrior within that wishes to promote health, vitality & longevity.

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