Why Dragonfitness exists.

After years of traditional martial arts, yoga, kettlebell and ballistic gym programs, it dawned on our team that there exists a way of training to optimize the way our physical bodies operate. Combining all of our experiences in various disciplines, we came to the conclusion that for our fitness growth we had to utilize the most effective ways of training. This is the reason that we specialize in three different training modalities. These modalities are genuinely effective in their own right and they have been proven over and over to be successful in creating better bodies and minds. Quality of life will definitely improve if you persevere with any of our training modalities. We also realized that the one-size-fits-all approach does not work in the fitness industry. What sets us aside from other centres is that we have highly qualified and disciplined instructors for each modality. We wanted a name that would fit all these modalities under on umbrella and hence, Dragonfitness was born.

We welcome you to a great approach to fitness with personalized attention and absolutely awesome programs that can cater for your every need.

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