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Tacfit was named by Men’s Health Magazine as the world’s smartest workout, but what is it exactly?

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Crossfit is a very popular training regime and most people have heard of it. Either you love it, or hate it, but it will improve your overall fitness levels nonetheless. Do you know what it is all about?

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kettlebell training

Get ready to push your functional strength to its limits with these amazing classes. Kettlebells are a respected training tool, do you know what they can give you?

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Meet your fitness facilitators

Aiden Lottering

Tacfit head coach
Aiden is known as bad cop, not because he is intimidating but because he loves to make sure that people stay focused during class. It may be because of his history with martial arts that he carried over that discipline into the fitness classes, but we think he is just an iron glove wrapped around a velvet shell…

George Mentis

Hardstyle Kettlebell Head Coach
On the other side of a bad cop, there needs to be a good cop, this is George. We know he looks like he wants to push the clients until they collapse, but he really just cares that much!

Andreas Nadiotis

CrossFit Head Coach
Andreas is our resident Crossfit specialist. He is an all round good guy that makes Crossfit fun and functional again. With his attention to detail, he guides the clients in a very safe and secure way to achieve their Crossfit goals.


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